• Over fifteen years of Suzuki violin and viola teaching experience
  • Suzuki Violin teacher training registered with SAA
  • B.A. in Violin Performance
  • I enjoy teaching ages 3 through adult
  • Policies and schedules are designed to create the highest quality learning conditions
  • Studio located in Blossomwood area of Huntsville

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Schedule and Information

Summer 2018 Sessions


Group Classes Benefits

  • Group playing encourages listening and cooperative skill
  • Observation of advancing students
  • Fun and games that enhance playing skills
  • Self-assessment opportunities
  • Review in a fun setting


About Suzuki Teaching

The Suzuki "Mother Tongue" concept compares learning music to learning your native language.

First a student listens, constantly, to the sounds to be produced.

Efforts toward the first sounds are consistently repeated ("mama", "dada") and highly encouraged. "Good! again; good!, again."

Reading is added only after sound production is well established

The "Suzuki Triangle", the working relationship of student-parent-teacher, must be consistent and have ongoing communication.

In the beginning, parents take responsibility for repetition (practice) like they do with tooth brushing and bathing.

As the student grows into late elementary and middle school years the responsibility for practice transfers from parental discipline to student self-discipline.